Melbourne based, Daniel Nolan drives a one man train directly through the performance arts. From camera, lighting and audio capture, to post production, edit and mastering, Daniel deals in all aspects of music video and performance art production with an earthy integrity. With these abilities at hand, the employed artist can enjoy a single host to communicate the complete creative collaboration with a minimal budget sustained.

Daniel Nolan is motivated by a simple self satisfaction with a passionate intent to freely express the creative form of himself and others. ‘Live At King Kahuna’ is a perfect example of this, providing a free service capturing the raw aspects of performing artists in true form.


'I draw inspiration from the simplest things. The random pattern of a candles flame, the ruccess vibration of a violent wind, the subtle thought in quiet, the blind taste. My passion has always been in the creation of something felt, rather than what can be heard, seen, or touched. The magic has always been in the little things'

Daniel Nolan

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